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the itching wont go away...but i went to the doc today and he said its either an infection (of?...what...?) or an allergic reaction. he said to see if my moms been using new detergent or new soap or whatever, perhaps thats what caused it. or it might have been the stuff i was taking for the UTI. who the fuck knows. all i know is that now i have to spend 40 bucks on antibiotics and cream. they didnt have enough at the pharmacy but the dude gave me 6 pills for tonite and tomorrow morning (take 2 twice a day..i took 2 rite now, and i'll take 2 tonite and 2 tomorrow morning) these pills are like fucking horse pills...they are HUGE. what if i choke on one? plus i have to take them with food...BLAH...Frank just called and hes stopping by. Jack and Mike were about to pick me up in a bit to do something...but i'd rather see Frank. plus if i tell Frank that i'm going to see Jack.....yeah you know. whats the point of this entry i dunno. i wish i wasnt lazy so i could write this properly and all pretty like..and not sound like a 9 year old. anyways. I LOVE YOU GUYS yes i dooooo :D

oh and Carmen, we have to go back to the gyno this thurs, i think at 1:30. oh Gina dont you wish you could join us?
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