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Bored Thats nothing new.....

I have been home all day and thinking about stupid shit. Today I was suppose to go to Jay's 1st Birthday but no. They cancelled for next Saturday. My brother has been gone since yesterday morning and is not home yet. Now if I did that my dad would flip on me. Anyway I am here waiting fr Heather,she is taking a shower and I am off. Since we are not wanted today by any one we agree to go to Barnes and Noble. We were suppose to go watch QAF at Nisha but she is doing something else so we will see what we can do later on. I am so happy that me and Heather are friends again cuz I swear when we were not talking I was super depress. I was always at home alone. Now at least we can hang around and talk about stuff. I have to lie to my parents and I tell them I am going out with Nisha. But I don't care,I want to feel happy.

Like we text Nisha and stuff. We both felt like she didn't want us around. That mess up but that ok. Maybe when Mike goes home we can go over. I don't know but whatever.She did the same thing yesterday but we went anyway and hung out with Courtney.
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