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i found some Molko quotes, from one of the Molko communities...

*What I would find amusing, a reaction I would like to create, for example, is for somebody, who in his life has been homophobic, to come to a gig and mistake me for a woman for the first half of the gig, and actually think I was quite cute, and then discover that I was a bloke and have to ask themselves some questions about themselves, you know?*

Brian about himself: *some kind of bisexual drug addict deviant slut*

*I'd like to be more of a bad influence than a role model. I'm getting lots of boys to wear eyeliner again which is good*

*There's a really strong thing inside me that really, really wishes I was a girl. I really do. I think that if I have the personality I had now and was a girl I would be even more powerful*

*I wanted to be taller than I am. I wanted to be sexier than I am. I wanted to have less zits. I can be all of these things. When I'm on stage I am all of these things*

*If I hear the 'Are you a glam band?' question one more time I'm going to explode*

Q: What are Placebo fans like then?
A: *Well, I get really innocent love letters and I get ones that say 'When I listen to your record I don't have to cut myself as much'. I think it's important that I'm there for these people. I feel very comfortable about being in a band for all the outsiders. If I was 14, I think I'd want to be in my shoes. I'd think I was a total star*

*I like the fact that people either think I'm incredibly gorgeous or @#%$ ugly*
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